Tenant Insurance Options

Insure Your Stuff for Peace of Mind

At ABC Mini Storage, we recommend that you carry tenant insurance! 

Sometimes you have coverage as part of your homeowner's insurance, but even if you do we recommend tenant insurance specifically for your storage contents.

Obtaining tenant insurance is important when it comes to safeguarding items stored in a self-storage unit. Beyond the conventional coverage for theft or damage, an insurance policy for self-storage should recognize the diverse range of belongings that individuals entrust to these spaces. A comprehensive policy should extend its protection to items that reflect coverage for your curated possessions to shield them from unexpected mishaps.

Look for options that allow you to easily adjust coverage based on the evolving contents of your storage unit. Whether you decide to store a collection of vinyl records or rare artwork, having the ability to modify your insurance plan ensures that your unique belongings remain adequately protected as your style preferences and storage requirements change over time.

Effective communication with your insurance provider is a fundamental aspect of tenant insurance for self-storage. Clearly articulate the importance of your stored items and discuss any specific concerns or unique aspects of your storage unit. This proactive communication helps establish a mutual understanding, enabling your insurance provider to tailor a policy that aligns with your distinct storage needs and style preferences. By prioritizing a style-friendly tenant insurance approach for self-storage, you can confidently entrust your valued possessions to a storage unit, knowing that your items are well-protected.

Resources for Tenant Insurance

If you need insurance, here is a list of carriers (listing information here does not imply endorsement):

Progressive Insurance: www.progressive.com
Insure Your Stuff: www.InsureYourStuff.com
Sage Insurance: www.sageins.com
Yardi: www.yardi.com
SnapnSure: https://www.snapnsure.net/